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Save Money on Your Insurance

Save Money on Your Insurance

This subject keeps popping up on my Facebook page.  An article by Dave Ramsey on how to save money on your auto insurance.  Basically it is an ad for agents that he recommends.  He gives some pretty generic advice.  Bundle and save, various discounts etc.  But what I am about to tell you is something most insurance agents will not tell you.

It's cheaper to get insurance when you have insurance.  Most preferred carriers want at least 1 year of continuous coverage.  No lapses in coverage.

Credit is King.  Yes, somehow they have cooked up a blend of prior insurance and credit score to create an insurance credit score.  You are better off with no credit than poor credit.

Claims free, that includes glass claims, comprehensive claims, and not at fault accidents.  Not just at fault accidents.

Ticket free,  if you do get a ticket go to traffic school and have it taken off of your record.  Unless you want to be married to your insurance carrier.

You get discounts for having high liability limits.  Yes, low liability limits hurt you in the long run.  In fact, I have seen better rates for a higher liability limits.  

I honestly hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Beth Phagan