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Reviews for Phagan Insurance Agency

Testimonials for Phagan Insurance Agency

Garrett Boss

"I can honestly say Elizabeth Phagan is the best insurance agent I know.  Buddy Williams is a strong second".  Garrett Boss, son of Elizabeth Phagan

Tony Parrish

This is one of the best insurance agencies in the country, they are very thorough and are willing to work with all your needs, Ms. Phagan has been in the business for more than 20 years and has a plethora of expertise, if you need good insurance that won't bankrupt you or cost you a limb or first born child, then go check this agency out, on the northwest corner of 10th and San Antonio in Douglas AZ, make sure you ask for Beth....😊

Kristine Sullivan

Excellent customer service. Beth always goes the extra mile to provide for her clients. Highly recommend Phagan Insurance Agency.

Randy Hunt

Beth was my agent when she worked for another insurance company. Now that she's branched out on her own, she continues to provide the same quality, courteous, and professional service that I remember. I just recently switched over and she researched and found me the best flood insurance rate I have had in 11 years by far!